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Deep sea cyber monitoring coming soon...


Lake Tahoe health report: Asian clam invasion growing fast

UC Davis has released the annual Lake Tahoe health report and they've found cause for concern. The Asian clam which first invaded the lake about 10 years ago has been growing rapidly in more

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Lawsuit challenges removal of endangered species protecion for Sacramento splittail

The Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit yesterday to reinstate federal endangered species protection for the Sacramento splittail, an imperiled fish found in California’s Central Valley and San Francisco Bay-Delta. The fish rose to fame in 2003 in helping to bring down the last shreds of credibility of the Bush Administration on conservation more

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Bald songbird species discovered in Laos


Species relocation in the face of climate change

The ESA Annual Meeting has entered it's 3rd full day of activities. One event that really catches my eye is a symposium on managed relocation, a contraversial technique for conserving species in the face of climate more

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ESA kicks of 94th annual meeting in Albuquerque: let's party!

As I type this, 3500 ecological researchers, professionals, educators, and students are living it up at the Albuquerque Convention Center. The Ecological Society of America has kicked off their 94th Annual Meeting. This year's theme is "Ecological Knowledge and the Global Sustainable Society," and many of the presentations focus on the relationship between ecology and the urban more.

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