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Forest recreation gives boost to U.S. rural economy, report shows 

Recreation on National Forests and Grasslands contributes $14.5 billion annually to the U.S. economy according to a new report from the U.S. Forest Service...

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Wildlife facial recognition software helping species conservation

With the aim of better protecting endangered species, game wardens are studying the behavior of surviving great apes in the wild. A new software system will make things easier by analyzing the animals’ faces for individual identification...

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The impact of the debt ceiling deal on the environment

In the wake of the debt ceiling crisis that has held our economy hostage over the past few weeks, the outlook for environmental conservation looks increasingly grim.

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Why the federal budget bill could devastate conservation and what you can do about it

When the newly elected House of Representatives passed the FY2011 Federal Budget bill the cuts to programs protecting the nation's natural resources were so dramatic that they dealt a potentially devastating blow to conservation work in the U.S. So what exactly can citizens who care about conservation do about it?

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Mississippi River hydrology could protect wetlands from oil


First detailed national map of U.S. land-cover vegetation released


Open space conference looks to the future of conservation

Last month, the Bay Area Open Space council (BAOSC) held their annual conference for member conservation groups working to protect and restore land in the San Francisco region. Commemorating the group's 20th year anniversary, the conference presented a number of interesting speakers on the future of the land conservation movement...

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"Weed calculator" estimates the landowner costs from invasive plants

Scientists have developed a compelling tool for helping land managers calculate the economic impact from the invasive weeds on their property...

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When trout have nowhere to go: addressing the entrainment problem

Fish entrainment from water diversions is a huge problem in many parts of the country. We recently interviewed John Zelazny, Executive Director of the Trout Conservancy, about the scope of the trout entrainment problem in the western U.S. and possible solutions...

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U.S. farmland being eaten away by development, govt report shows