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Displaced raptors impact neighboring habitats

When a species is forced from its habitat, it has to go somewhere — and that has an effect on neighboring environments...

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Urban stream restoration failing to find success

A new study raises doubts about the ability of stream restoration projects in urbanized watersheds to mitigate against human impacts and improve ecological conditions.

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Animal species large and small follow same rule for how common they are in ecosystems

Animal species all follow the same rule for how common they are in an ecosystem, scientists have discovered. And the rule is simple. Everything from birds to fishes, crabs to snails to worms, and the parasitic animals that live inside or on them, follows it...

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US-Mexico border fence putting wildlife at risk of extinction

Researchers conduct the first ever transcontinental assessment of the risks that the U.S. border fence poses to wildlife species...

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How songbird brains respond to new songs

Whenever it hears an unfamiliar song from a male of the same species, the zebra finch stops chirping, hopping and grooming. It listens attentively for minutes at a time, occasionally cocking its head but otherwise immobile...

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The ecological consequences of industrial kelp harvesting

Kelp forests provide important habitat for numerous invertebrates, fish, birds and marine mammals. The ecological consequences of industrial harvest of this habitat has not been fully evaluated. Now a recent study has demonstrated that there is justified cause for concern. The study revealed that the removal of these habitats has multi-trophic effects...

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Wolves and money: Does paying for predation losses aid species recovery?


Mitigating climate change with protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon

A recent study examines the effect that 595 protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon have exerted on local deforestation rates. By projecting the effect of these protected areas into the future, the study finds a big impact on carbon emissions...

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Making winter sports less intrusive on wildlife


Studies confirm presence, severity of pollution in national parks 

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